Something Big Is Happening In Lansing

I was invited to a meeting last night in Lansing. It was the first of its kind in the world, no literally, we were the first group in the world to host a Pepo meet-up. #lansingpepomeetup Pepo is a new social app created to help showcase some of the use cases of blockchain. The coolest thing about this is you get paid to post 30 second videos that you take whenever, wherever you are.

It's kind of like Tic-Tok, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube rolled into one app. It's the first of its kind and is getting some huge traction here in Lansing. Some of the first users of YouTube are now multi-millionaires. This is happening in our own back yard.

At this meeting, there were entrepreneurs, artists, angel investors, business owners from Lansing, even the happiest homeless guy Chris.

19 of us showed up and 19 left with Pepo on our phone😁 We all introduced ourselves and talked a little about how this little app can change the way money is used, spent and traded. We talked about how we could all start supporting each other's efforts through this app.

I think anyone using a social media app should try this out. Why not get paid to post? When I find a post I find valuable or funny I give it a like, in this case likes equal dollars. Your instantly monetized, that's awesome.

You can use Pepo to buy thing like Amazon Gift Cards, Uber, Uber Eats, Starbucks gift cards and others. I can see this list of benefits growing fast with options to go to cash in the future, that's my opinion.

Try it out, they give you 500 Pepo free just to sign up and I'll match that with another 250 Pepo if you use this link

Tell me what you think or how do you plan on using Pepo to grow in the comments below!


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