Enjincoin and Gamimg of the Future is a software that simplifies the use of Unity for game developers. Ai i understand it, Enjin does for Unity what Windows does for the internet, simplifies and streamlines game building process. These games will be seen coming out in the very near future in 2019.

What is so special about these particular games, you might ask? Well, for starters they are all games built to run on blockchain. And that means full ownership of any assets collected or earned, they are stored in your Enjin Wallet in the collectibles sections. These collectible assets are backed by Enjincoin and can be "melted". When you melt a card the Enjincoin it is backed by is released into your wallet. Enjincoin is supported on all the major digital asset exchanges, like Binance. Binace is free to join and if you have any questions I am willing to help.

The first games are scheduled to be released this March 2019. The ability to use the same character in different games and different collectibles game to game is an idea that will have much traction in the months to come. All major gaming platforms are supported like Play Station, Xbox, Microsoft, Android and Ios to name a few. It is also rumored that there is some kind of partnership with Samsung.

Enjincoin had a major spike in price in the last two weeks gaining over 150% at one point but has since fallen considerably. I think this will be a great coin to keep your eye on the the coming months as new games are released and the "public" start getting wind of what I am writing to you about now. This is not investment advise, only my opinion.

Enjin Wallet is my favorite wallet because of the wide variety of assets it supports, it holds erc-1155 tokens (the collectibles), has top of the line security features and the idea of real money for the games you play is a game changer. I can't wait to see some of the cool things that will be created using erc-1155 tokens. I am going to mint a few very soon for Pawn Just Jewelry West and give them away or hide them online for you to find. Stay tuned and get the Enjin Wallet today!

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