Buying gold as an investment.

Gold has been used as a store of value and as currency for thousands of years. It's a wonder how today's society has forgotten the value of this commodity. Silver is another precious metal that has been used the same way.

If one wanted to invest in gold or silver, there are a few different options to invest. I'll talk about how I invest later in this article. Historically, the gold to silver ratio has been, on average, around 50:1 looking on a 100 year chart.

As you can see from this chart, shown on, the gold to silver ratio is at one of its all time highs. There has only been two other times in the last one hundred years that exceed the ratio we are at today.

So, one way to invest in gold or silver is to go to your local pawnshop or coin dealer. Usually, you can get a decent price from a brick and mortar store. Another way is to set up an online account at places like or These online bullion sites sell most precious metals in rounds and bars. Their price points are just above spot and are the way I prefer to buy. After setting up an account, you can also sell back to them. It's an easy way in and out of the metal and back to cash. I, personally, have not sold any silver coins or 925 silver scrap jewelry since I have started this business. I have been collecting and waiting patiently for the price to regain its all time high.

The smartest way to buy into this market is to go to a pawnshop and ask the owner or person in charge if they are willing to sell you some of their scrap metal. I will be doing this on my website in the shop section, In order to participate, you must request to become a free member and I will approve you.


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