Broke My Damn Leg

So, not yesterday but the Monday before I was coming out of my house to go to work. Walked down an icy driveway, turned to get in my truck and BAMMMM! I slipped on some ice and did a chicken dance for a second and went down hard. My body went one way and as my ankle rolled over, my foot went the other way.

I fell like a sack of potatoes, straight down onto my left leg and heard a crunch. Ouch! I tried to get up but could not put any pressure on it. I crawled through the snow back up to my house and to the couch. Took my shoe off immediately because I knew my foot was about to get much larger from swelling. The pain was excruciating and felt it wasn't just badly sprained.

I went to Urgent Care for x-rays and they told me it was a fractured ankle. Great, 4 to 6 weeks of babying my foot and then who knows how much time it will take to get it back 100% again.

In any case, I am finally back to work now. I wanted to write this and let the site members know that is why things kinda stopped being updated on the website for the last week. Please bare with me as I get better and I will get back to updating and writing here again.


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