Binance: A Digital Asset Exchange

Binance is the one of the largest digital asset exchanges in the world by market capitalization and becoming more popular by the day. Their CEO, Changpeng Zhao, is very down to earth and great to interact with on Twitter, you can find him here: @cz_binance.

Binance is free and very user friendly to use. Their platform works well on mobile and desktop and is in line with the most sophisticated exchanges on the market. The security is outstanding and top of the line. I know that my money will always be safe. I never recommend storing large amounts on any exchange, I use Nano Ledger S for cold storage and love it also. The Nano keeps your private key offline and is one of the safest ways to save any digital assets long term.

I have been using Binance for over a year now and it is, by far, my favorite exchange. Trading fees are discounted if you choose to pay them in Binance Coin. $BNB has been on a major run this year already. It seems that BNB has forgotten we were in a bear market and decided to blast off all by itself. The BNB coin has many use cases already and is being used as currency in may places around the world and online.

BNB is another coin I suggest keeping an eye on because of its many use cases and the popularity of the exchange is growing quickly. The development team has worked day and night to keep this exchange on the front line of cutting edge technology and user friendliness!

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